Setting up our Christmas Tree 2006
(Our first time together!)

    Well, it's that time of year!  The Thanksgiving turkey is all but gone, but for the leftovers (which Sasha loved!), and traffic near any and all shopping centers is at a yearly high.  People are celebrating the season by beating the living daylights out of each other just to get that last PlayStation 3 that Toys 'R' Us has on the shelf.  Some people even suddenly become terribly rabid over the whole issue of whether or not people wish them a "Merry CHRISTmas" or a "happy holiday," as though the significance of the birth of the Savior hinged upon some store clerk's choice of words (by the way, here is a GREAT little piece on that!).

    Yes, December is upon us!

    Hiding out from the insanity of it all, we assembled our tree and began the decorating process.  Of course, Sasha, ever the social dog, had to take part.  She didn't realize that she, herself, wasn't an ornament, but she was trying to dig herself underneath the tree and find herself a good branch to hang from.  Silly girl!

    Regardless of the dog's antics, there's a lot of love in our household.  Sitting with the lights off and admiring the tree at night is just a reminder of how wonderful life can be.  We are very blessed with each other and by all those of whose lives we are a part.  We remember you all, near or far.

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