Our Story
(As told by Evette)

    Wow! What a year I have had in 2006. For those of you that know me, you know exactly what I am talking about. When New Years 2005-06 came around, I really thought that I was in for the worst year of my life. For the ten years prior I was building a life that I dreamed of as a little girl…

Girl meets boy,
Girl falls in love,
Girl has a beautiful wedding,
Girl lives happily ever after…. (screeeeeeeech)…oh, wait; this is where things changed for the worse.

    After nearly ten years of marriage, I found myself having to make a very serious and grown-up decision. Divorce! Without getting into all the details…it is done. And for what it is worth, I do wish my “X” the best of luck in his life.

    Thinking back through those times is not always a pleasant thought, with one exception, Jayson. If it were not for Jayson, I might not be in a very good place right now. I attribute my making it through this last year to his friendship, caring nature, true concern for my well being and most of all his patience.

    Well, here is MY version of OUR story….

    I first met Jayson (Dr. Levine) at my Chiropractor, Dr. C’s office. Jayson was a new addition to the corporation and was in Dr. C’s office learning things such as their system, daily routines and marketing. I recall him standing near the adjusting room, observing the therapies being conducted on the floor. I do recall being introduced to him by Dr. C…but didn’t think much of it at the time.

    A few months later, I was experiencing some issues at home and had considered taking a job elsewhere that was less stressful and would allow me more time at home to care for things that I (at the time) felt I had control over. Dr. C and I had often discussed the possibility of me working for him. The time was right in October of 2005. I was now the new Front Desk Girl!

    On December 10th, 2005, the annual Christmas Dinner Party took place at the Oriental Wok in Fort Mitchell, KY. If you read Jayson’s story first, this date was under debate for a while. Though through polling some friends and co-workers…we are certain it was on the 10th! I remember having a tremendous headache, but still being very excited to attend the party and introducing my “X” to everyone…however, I arrived alone. Those days, it was not unusual for me to go solo to many engagements. My “X” at the time, was mentally and physically unavailable. I was sure the evening would be just ho-hum for me, and I would return home to more disappointments and more headaches.

    Much to my surprise…I had a great time. I met up with all my co-workers, their spouses and/or significant others, some of the other doctors and their families. It was a pleasant evening. Then with a grand entrance….Dr. Levine! He walked in like he owned the place. Tossing a few “beverages” back, as I recall! He was having a great time. I recall him bringing a smile to our faces with his jokes and very distinct chuckle! You could hear him from a block away!! I did, however, make the mistake of telling him that I had a headache. After some debate, he sat me down in a chair and adjusted that headache right out of me!!

    As the evening progressed, and dinner was served, I found myself sitting to Jayson’s right. (Actually, truth be told, this was not a “purely by chance” arrangement. I was asked to sit there as a “buffer” from one of the other doctors wives. She wasn’t sure how to take him…I think he scared her a bit!) But, I was intrigued with this guy…so I gladly sat down to his right. I think some would call this “FATE”…I call it LUCK! Jayson arrived with a guest. I assumed it was his girlfriend. (I found out differently later! - Yay me!)

    Jayson and I bantered back and forth all evening…I had a blast! Then, I surprised even myself…I asked for his phone number. The evening at Oriental Wok came to a close, but was far from over. Several of us headed out to the Hofbrauhaus for drinks. Jayson and his companion were unable to attend. I don’t recall if he said why he couldn’t, other than the fact that he was about 3 sheets to the wind!

    For some reason, I could not get Jayson off my mind. I sent him a couple of text messages asking for him to join us, but it just wasn’t happening. The night came to an end…with some great memories!

    Within the next couple of days, Jayson and I began to text each other regularly. I don’t know how we did it, but over the next several weeks, we got to know each other pretty well…through texting! I had to up my text message limit to, well…UNLIMITED! Good thing, otherwise I would have to have gotten a 2nd job to support my bill.

    Things on the home front were taking a major shift…I told “X” I was filing for a divorce; I moved out and was attempting to reclaim my independence. My parents and family were all God-sent! They all told me in one fashion or another that I have helped them through the years in various ways, that it was now their time to return the favor. I love my family!

    Jayson and I quickly became friends. We would hang out with some of my co-workers at times, and other times, it would be just the two of us. Somewhere along the way, I discovered that Jayson liked to sing. I remember one evening I had asked him if he wanted to go out to a local watering hole known as the Front Porch. I drove all the way down to Kentucky from Ohio. The second he opened his mouth to sing, I melted! His voice was beautiful!!!

    Jayson and I would often go out for a quick bite to eat and have these lengthy conversations about where we were in life and where we wanted to be. It was amazing to me (and I think to him) how much we thought alike and how similar our goals in life and love seemed to be. But Jayson made certain to let me know that he wasn’t looking for anything “serious”. He didn’t want to “complicate” things for me. I assured him that he wasn’t. We were friends at the time, but I quickly fell in love with him. I even told him at one point, “…you will love me…”. We recently discussed my comment to him and, well; let’s just say that I was right on target with that one!

    Now, I fell hard for this guy! But I was trying to balance a lot of feelings at the time. Most importantly, I was treading on what I thought was thin ice. Jayson had also ended a relationship not too long before then. I didn’t think that Jayson wanted anything more than a friendship. I was willing to respect and accept his decision, but I just had to take a chance and tell him that I loved him. I think it shocked him to some degree. He was kind and expressed that he did care for me…but not until the 12th of June was Jayson able to admit that he felt the same way. Yep, that’s the day that changed our lives. The day that we were able to tell EACH OTHER, that we LOVED EACH OTHER! My life has not been the same since…thank Goodness! I felt such a deep connection to Jayson from so early on. I have told him on several occasions that…

“You are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there! And, the right people come into our lives at the right moment.”

    I believe chance encounters; I believe in Jayson, I believe in us!