Our Families

Here's a little place for people to get to know a little bit about our families....

Let's start with Evette!

Although this picture is slightly out-of-date (it's from Thanksgiving 2006), it shows some of the people we'll be mentioning.

Seated to the right of Sasha (the dog) is Evette's mom, Barb.  To her right is Barb's husband (Evette's stepfather), Bob.  They live practically down the street from us, which makes holidays a whole lot more convenient than they were when we were living in northern Kentucky (which is where this picture was taken).  Bob works for a company called Cincom, which serves the software needs of a number of different industries.  No, Bob's not a programmer, a developer or a tester...  He's part of their maintenance fleet.  He keeps their operations running without their even knowing it.  Barb works for Climax Packaging Machinery, located in Hamilton, in their parts department.  Frankly, between the two of them, they could probably build new, innovative machines that would do neat things like cooking and cleaning, la "Rosie" from "The Jetsons."  Hey, she'd get the parts, and, believe me, Bob would figure out a way to make them work together.

On the other side of the table is Stephanie (Evette's sister), Brian (Steph's husband) and Kayla (their little one).  Stephanie works for a company that administers retirement and 401K plans.  With the amount of goofy e-mail that comes to us from her work e-mail address, it is evident that there is someone in her company that badly needs a supervisor.  Brian, formerly employed by Pomeroy as an in-house IT guy for Procter & Gamble, is now with General Electric, doing similar work.  Kayla is just busy being a kid and growing up.  When she's not playing on her Nintendo DS, she's playing on the Wii.  When she's not playing on the Wii, she's playing with her Webkinz.  When she's not playing with her Webkinz, she's most likely doing something Spongebob Squarepants-related.

Then, there's Evette's father, Fred, and his wife, Pat.  This picture was taken as they were preparing for our wedding day.


How about Jayson...

I think we were able to get everyone in this single photo...

Jayson's mom is seated at his left arm, while his sister, Marnie, and her husband, Rob, are immediately behind.  In the black jacket is Jayson's father, Michael.  On Jayson's lap is some r e a l l y sexy lady that he managed to hook up with, a while back!  He was hopelessly attracted to her shoe collection.  :)

Anyhow, these are our families!  We love 'em, and we're sticking to it!