Kayla's Christmas Program 2006

    Now, of course, any family into which I marry is bound to have some musical talent in there, somewhere!  Evette sings rather well (especially when I "catch" her doing it and she doesn't realize...), but she'll never admit it.  Maybe she doesn't think she's good enough to get up on a stage and grab a microphone, but that's okay.  I'll be systematically working on that in the upcoming years.  It may take me a good 20-30, but I'm persistent!

    In the meantime, we have some talented nieces (some of them are actually "cousins," but they're all nieces to us).  Here, we have pictures from the recital showcasing the vocal stylings of Miss Kayla, and, of course, the ever-present "after-party!"

    Be sure to check out KAYLA-CAM at the bottom of the page!!  Please be patient -- the video is about 21 Meg.  Maybe, one day, I'll figure out how to compress it!

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Download Kayla's Christmas Program Pictures (.zip file, 2.72 Mb)

Camera calibration...please stand by!

Now that's better

Who's this clown? Oh, wait, that's the pastor...

The backdrop...

On stage

Thanks for putting down your arm, miss!

Now THAT'S the ham we know

A born performer

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I'm here every Thursday and Saturday night!"

You'll get taller... We promise

Everything's better with a hug from Auntie Evette!

Post-recital excitement at Max & Erma's

She's your kid, Steph! What'cha gonna do?

Well, when you can't sign an autograph...

Being famous is tiring business...

A headshot, perhaps?

Designing the program for her next show


Lemon-Face! (It gets better, everyone...)

There's the Lemon-Face!

This girl's a glutton!!