Our Honeymoon

On Saturday, September 8th, 2007, we set sail aboard the Carnival Victory for a seven-day cruise up the northeastern Atlantic corridor, with ports of call in Boston, MA, Portland, ME, St. John, NB and Halifax, NS.  It was a fantastic week of relaxation, and here are some of the pictures we took!  Enjoy!!!

Just got on the boat, and they're already serving lunch!

Amused by my never having cruised before...

Ice cream!!! :)

Looking back at NYC from the ship.

The cruise ships next to us on the West Side of NYC.

Mrs. Levine on deck!

The tail of the Victory

Things are looking up.

Mrs. Levine spots a Hustler store in NYC. Forgot to stop there before leaving.

The ship next to us.

Happiness is a beautiful wife and a beautiful day!

The safety drill... "One size fits MOST."

Hot stuff!

Leaving NYC

Married one week -- happy as ever!

The Empire State Building seen from the ship.

The Lido Deck (Deck 9) of the ship. Pretty big!

Ellis Island

The Statue of Liberty

Coming up on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge

Looking back...

The Staten Island Ferry PALES in comparison to what we were on...


Okay... Starting to wonder if we're going to make it under this thing.

...and so are a lot of other people.

Can you hear the "Limbo" music playing?


The underside of the Verrazano Bridge

So that's what it looks like from underneath!

Many people applauded after we got under the bridge!

Bye bye NYC!

Inside the ship (er, I mean, "floating hotel")

Karaoke nights!

Me and the karaoke hostess, Marcie, doing "The Phantom of the Opera."

In the karaoke lounge

Gearing up to go out to Boston, MA.

Space-age elevator shafts!

Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market, Boston.

Out and about in Boston

Near the Boston Arts festival

Kids painting a mural for the festival

Harvard University (you should have heard me, calling everyone there "morons!" LOL)

Dinner in Boston

God, she makes me look good!

Evette, me, and Leslie (my friend from high school).

Our first Carnival towel animal (an elephant)

After a hard night of drinking (hey, who said there wouldn't be alcohol involved?)

Of course, I WASN'T drinking (yeah, right)...

Portland, ME

The water slide on the ship...

Mini-golf on the ship!

When in doubt, take a picture of something stunning!!!!!

Yup, Portland, I said!

That's one honkin-ass huge ship!

Notice the lobster at the base of the sculpture...

...and Evette wanting to chomp on it.

Yup! Portland, I said!

The L.L. Bean outlet (the actual main facility is in Freeport, ME).

...Cheeseburger in Portland, if not Paradise...

Watering cans

"Cool as a Moose" - what a cool store!

Need we say more?

Lobsters just want to be your friend. Please don't boil them.

The swan (our next towel animal)

Flying the canuck flag (we must be pulling into St. John)

Yup! St. John, I said!

My goofy wife!

Married for life!

Does anyone know where I can get some french fries?

What a pretty puppy! I think it's a Newfoundland.

Evette being blatantly unfaithful...

Me returning the favor.

Still, no french fries

University of New Brunswick ... it ain't no Harvard!

Okay... "St. John" and "Jewish" don't mix. What's up here?

Busy little (bronzed) beavers.

Evette wanted a picture among the dead (the things you learn AFTER the wedding...)

She also wanted a picture of me licking... Well, I won't say it.

Mrs. Levine wanted to see how wavy her hair got in the sea air.

After, perhaps, the WORST pizza either of us ever ingested (Evette swears there was donkey meat on it).

You're not seeing things. They had INSTRUCTIONS to CROSS THE STREET tattooed on the corner.

A successful bathroom visit! Water works are functional!

What'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Goofy, but still gorgeous!

Turning Japanese

Some of my favorite moments!

Okay, now... That's just public indecency!

Is he really...uh, you know...like a moose?

I guess so!!!! That's love!

...and one happy Moose!

What a pair of photographers. We do weddings and bar mitzvahs!

Goofing around back in the cabin after St. John

Must have been all that sea air (and the donkey meat on the pizza).

Quick!!! Someone call a doctor!!!!!

Actually, make that a psychiatrist!

Oh, Lord!!!!!!!!!! (hey, she married me!)

Not feeling so hot, the next day (must have been the donkey meat)

My sweetness playing with the B&W on my camera

Donkey meat, again. This was a recurring thing after the pizza in St. John

Sweetie discovers sepia

Mmmmm.... Sexy legs!!!!

Even when she feels awful, she's exquisite!

The Pacific Dining Room aboard the Victory.

Coming into Halifax, NS

Canuck flag still flying...

The "Silva"

Yum, yum... Gimme some!

Not my idea of "doing the wave..."

Always have something to anchor to.

She always has a leg up on the competition!

Theodore Tugboat!!

The "Smart Car." Supposedly coming to the U.S. soon. Look for it.

Mrs. O'Levine

Leaving Halifax. This is where we start to get artsy with the camera.

Actually, the "artsy" starts more like here.

Photos come out great when you have a fantastic subject.

"I love you now, I'll love you forever."


Contemplating the buffet.

Evette's artsy side comes through.


Sushi time!!

Okay... I can explain this one. I'd rather do it by e-mail.

Same story as the other one.

The Grand Gala buffet (for show)

This is what happens when you give Evette a camera and she doesn't know what to snap at.

All hail the 24 hour pizza joint on board!

AND the self-serve soft serve!!!!

Next towel animal...

Why do I have to share my baby with a monkey...monkey...aaiiiaaiii...

Warm melting chocolate cake -- a winner with Evette!

Evette -- a winner with me!

Pictures from the Carnival Legends talent show!!! Me with George and Ron

The Carnival Legends guest cast

I'm officially a legend in my own time!

Ron as James Brown

Amandra as Aretha Franklin

George S. as Sir Elton John

Marcie and Samantha as Sonny and Cher (I almost wet my pants when I saw her come out on her knees)

Chantylle as Britney Spears

Lisa as Madonna

George C. as Garth Brooks

The inimitable (tall, thin and black) cruise director, Malcolm, hamming it up as ... DOLLY PARTON!

Nick as Ricky Martin

Andy as Elvis Presley

...and me as Frank "Ol' Blue Eyes" Sinatra.

The cast, afterward...

The stingray