Our Engagement Party
March 3, 2007

    If you missed the engagement party, you missed a great time.  It was just wonderful having so many people we care about under one roof!  Better yet, the live entertainment provided by Bob, Jim, Lenny and Greg drew an audience throughout their set!

    Friends came from as far as Louisville to attend the momentous occasion, and we appreciate everyone's being there to celebrate the occasion!

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Download Engagement Party Pictures (.zip file, 4.18 Mb)

Mom and Evette in front of the spread

The "cup-cake"

Jim & Lenny setting up the jam

Kayla the groupie

Dad & Pat

The Fondue Connoisseur

Steph & Brian

Bob (he lives for this sort of thing)

Jim (keeping up with Bob)

Lenny showin' em how it's done...

Uncle Gene giving Jayson a great tax tip...

Not quite a "sold out" crowd, but...

Evette and Dad

Fred's Angels

One more and we could be doing barbershop tunes!

Steve, Rita and Jayson

American Idol, Jr.

Hee hee hee...

Sound off!!

The "Lewis 5"

The whole fam-damily (the ladies' side, at least)

Evette and Libby

Bob and Friends

Watch out, Wimbledon!

Pass the mic!

So happy!

Move over, Olan Mills!

You got me!

OK, I said "you got me!"

Absolutely beautiful...